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Helping You Read the Bible

A Simple Word exists to help people understand the Bible. Because so many people in the world know English, we write in English. But because not everyone who knows English is a Native Speaker of English, we write in Simple English. We write in Simple English so that the largest number of people can read what we write. We write in Simple English to make what we write easy to understand and easy to translate.

Current Courses

Travel Guide-Introduction Course

Topics include What is the Bible, The Bible is the Word of God, How the Bible Fits Together, and more.

Travel Guide-Old Testament Courses

Including “The Books of Moses”, “The Books of History”, “The Books of Poetry”, “The Books of Major Prophets” and “The Books of Minor Prophets”

Travel Guide-New Testament Courses

Including “The Gospels”, “The Book of History”, “The Letters of Paul”, “The General Letters” and “The Book of Prophecy”

Free Courses to Help You Understand the Bible

Our courses are designed to help you understand the Bible. Each lesson is designed to teach the Bible is Simple English. Each course has lessons and quizzes for each lesson to make sure you understand what you are learning.

After you finish a course, you will earn a certificate.

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